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Opening speech and script for Savasana

When I begin to teach I struggled with a script on the opening and during Savasana and it took me some time to get it all adjusted and tuned to my own style. Putting in too much words could get too confusing and too few could not get the class momentum. To me, these 2 carry a lot of weight in leading and guiding the students to the right intentions and allow me to control anonymous force of unwanted energy whenever I felt.

Opening speech:

Sit on your mat comfortably crossing the legs or in half lotus, or in virasana pose if that suits you.
Resting the wrists or the palms by the knees, just roll the shoulders back a few times then begin to close the eyes, allowing the upper lids to turn heavy.
Sit tall by rooting the sit bones to the earth, fill the space in each vertebrae of your spine, extending the crown of the head up towards the sky.
Relax all your facial muscles, creating the space in between the eyebrows.
Relax the cheeks and jaws, softening the shoulders. Allow the elbows to hang loose. Keep connecting your wrists or palms to the knees.
Release any tension from the hips, knees and down to the ankles.
Building the awareness in each of your own breaths.
As you inhale, feel the warmthness; as you exhale soften the neck and down the shoulders.
Inhale to create the vibrations; exhale to release any tensions.
(Then continue to 5 rounds of cleansing breaths)

Savasana speech:

Begin to lie on your back with feet wider than hip distance apart, palms facing up towards the sky slightly away from the hips.
Surrender yourself by sinking the lower back, shoulder blades and the back of your head into the earth.
Allow the toes to fall onto either sides, relax the skin around the knees and release all tension from the hips.
Soften the skin around the stomach, through the chest and up to the neck.
Release both shoulders down to the earth, relaxing the elbows and wrists.
Create the space in between the eyebrows, relax the cheeks and jaw, parting the lips lightly.
Sinking the back of your skull down to the earth, allow your eyeballs to roll back into the sockets.
Surrender and keep surrendering…

Though they are not too fanciful as I do have a bad memory hence these are my most comfortable scripts by far and always trying to fine tune to fit best for sure!

Namaste xoxo


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