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WEEKEND IMMERSION WITH JANI JAATINEN – Gokul Vinyasa Masterclass 26 March 2017

I was still breathing, but not sure if I was still alive after 90minutes into the flow. It was progressively dynamic with several peak postures that I had never done before. The confidence in this sequence is awe-inspiring as sequencing a vinyasa class has to be energy nourishing, focused on the natural flow of the breath,  yet fun and creative.

Though it was a 2 hours flow, the energy building was fluid in the class and even though my body was suggesting a break with the hunger but I just wanted to continue as much.

What matters most is not so much about the poses but how effective are the transitions and drills to get us into them. There were about 7 to 8 peak poses however, there are a few that made such imprints to me:

1) Paschimottanasana with elbows (This was such a good one and I believe it will be part of my routine practice as of now)

2) Internal rotation of shoulders (this is one hell breaker seriously but the after effect was just like an after massage from all those chaturangasanas)

3) Though we are familiar with this pose, but with the feet turned down and toes tucked under, I would have to give more love to my toes and balls of the feet more often now =(

And of course our finale inversion of a headstand then a shoulder stand thereafter was just so needed. As the masters always say: Doing yoga is not the same as taking photos for Instagram. So yup… I always have to agree on that

All photos credits by Outta Hatha Yoga

Thanks to Gokul Yoga and Jani Jaatinen


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